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Improve Your Handwriting


Ready for a handwriting makeover

In 2013 PenDance will offer Handwriting Makeover™ online courses designed to help you improve the legibility of your handwriting, as well as teach you how to "dress up" your handwriting to make it look more "calligraphic." 

This course is recommended for:

  • Brides who wish to address their own invitations, either to save money or simply because they feel it is important to hand address their own invitations. Lovely penmanship also comes in handy for writing all those thank you notes!

  • Adults who want to improve their handwriting for business reasons, for journal writing, or to help their own children develop sound penmanship skills.

  • Students who need to write with speed and legibility, for written essays or SAT tests.

  • Medical professionals who need to improve legibility to meet JCAHO requirements.

You don't have to use "fancy" tools like chisel-edge or pointed pens to create calligraphy! Our Handwriting Makeover course requires only "monoline" tools, like gel pens or pencils, so that you can concentrate on learning the letterforms rather than having to learn how to use a calligraphy tool as well. When you are comfortable with the letterforms then you can move on to more advanced calligraphy tools.

The course will be set up as a membership site, where you are given one new lesson each week for 10 weeks. Each lesson will provide video demonstrations as well as handwriting assignments for that week. There will be 3 styles of handwriting to choose from: Italic, Spencerian, or Copperplate.

Italic is recommended for students, medical professionals, and those who wish to improve their "everyday" handwriting. It can be written in either print or cursive (joined letters) form.

Copperplate and Spencerian are script styles recommended for those who wish to address formal wedding invitations, write in bridal books, or fill-in place cards or escort cards. Copperplate letterforms can be varied in so many ways, from highly-flourished to bouncy and fun! Spencerian is most related to the style your great-grandparents probably learned when they were in elementary school...a beautiful, flowing hand that is an American-born style. We can have fun creating fancy capitals in Spencerian as well, which is known as Ornamental Penmanship.

To receive notice when Handwriting Makeover is launched, please fill in the form below.

   Your email address will only be used for course notification purposes, and will not be shared with anyone.
   Note: The fields with an asterisk (*) are required. (The math question is there to prevent spamming.)

Your Information

Special Discount Available!

Do you know someone who always receives compliments on his or her beautiful handwriting? If so, I have a special offer for you!

If you could obtain a sample of this person's pretty handwriting for me to use for teaching purposes in the Handwriting Makeover course, I will offer you a 50% discount on the first 3 months of your membership fee. The sample needs to be from someone who is known for lovely penmanship skills so that we can "dissect" what makes it eye-catching and special.

Studying samples of other people's penmanship will help students understand what makes handwriting attractive and a pleasure to read. We also might find some ideas we can incorporate into our own handwriting styles!

To participate in this offer, please download this Handwriting Sample form by clicking the link. Ask your friend to fill in his or her information and write the 3 pangram sentences that appear on the form. Then fill in your information and mail it to:

Maureen Vickery
Handwriting Makeover
14027 Memorial Drive #198
Houston, TX  77079

I'll email you a confirmation after I receive the sample. The more handwriting samples we can collect and study, the more ideas we can be inspired from!

Our Handwriting Makeover course will teach you to:

  • Improve legibility by practicing the rules of good penmanship.

  • "Dress up” your writing to look more calligraphic.

  • Change the look of your handwriting by following our "style recipes."

  • Special Section for Brides: Learn the tools and techniques that professional calligraphers use to address envelopes and fill in place cards and bridal books. (We'll also help you with any etiquette questions you may have about addressing envelopes and place cards.)

When you sign up for the Handwriting Makeover course, we'll ask you:
  • To answer a brief list of questions concerning your penmanship goals
  • Which style of  handwriting you wish to learn: Copperplate, Spencerian, or Italic (see Handwriting Samples)
  • How much time you have to to practice your handwriting skills before you need them for your specific project (envelopes, place cards, thank-you notes, etc.)
  • To provide us with current handwriting samples based on text we provide you

The Handwriting Makeover course includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions and practice exercises based on the handwriting style you've selected
  • Handwriting critiques
  • Special access to web site pages containing additional instructional resources

For brides, penmanship certainly takes on new importance since there are so many writing tasks involved before and after a wedding: 

  • Save-the-Date cards

  • Wedding Invitations

  • Escort cards and place cards

  • A love letter to your future spouse to present on your wedding day

  • Thank-you notes

  • Bridal book, wedding scrapbook and journals

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Handwriting Samples

Monoline Copperplate

Monoline Copperplate

Monoline Spencerian

Monoline Spencerian

Monoline Italic - Non-cursive

Monoline Italic - Non-cursive

Monoline Italic - Cursive

Monoline Italic - Cursive

Monoline Italic - Cursive with Flourishes

Monoline Italic - Cursive with Flourishes

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